It's Champions weekend ...

Back to Yarmouth today

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

"The soul’s dark cottage, battered and decayed,

Lets in new light through chinks that time hath made."

Edmund Waller.

Walking back to the yard

It’s an overcast morning but still very warm. We nearly took the horses out without sheets at first lot, which tells you how warm it is. There is no wind, and thankfully no fog either. Cantering on Warren Hill has been the exercise all morning and everything has gone off without a hitch. 

Farhan dismounting from Topamichi

Swilken ran as well as I could have hoped for yesterday. He was very settled in everything he did and the application of the eye shields look to have helped. He really enjoyed the day out, earned a little bit of prize money and did himself plenty of good mentally. We can now go on with him and 7f to 1m looks ideal.

We have one runner today at Yarmouth.  Prayer Time, who has had a couple of runs so far, goes in the first. He has improved from his first run to the second and I am sure will improve again today. I don’t think he will be quite good enough to get his head in front, but I am sure a mid division finish is not beyond him. He has shown me enough ability to be winning races, once he strengthens up and grows into his frame.

Comrade Bond (Sophie)

There were a lot of discussions yesterday about the Yarmouth ridges, which are being removed after tomorrow’s fixture, with quite a few professionals fearing it is the last we will be seeing of Yarmouth.  I have stated before that I don’t think there is much wrong with the track and can’t see the reasoning behind the work being done. The bumps and ridges are worse at Newmarket than at Yarmouth. The grounds men always do a good job there at the course and leave plenty of grass on. All it needs to attract more runners, is for the prize money to the upped. You can see by today’s great turnout for the Listed race and other races today how it affects the number of runners. Let’s hope everything goes well with the work and we are back on the track from June onwards next year.

Astrocat (Yaz)

The big value sales races have come in for criticism by the Racehorse Owners Association in the Racing Post today, with the racecourse and the BHA in conflict over them. In some cases 90% of prize money was coming from the owners in entry fees, which is completely barmy. These races have always been very tricky to understand. Although they were very high value and well worth winning, you were usually running for your own money. The sales companies were putting very little into the pot but getting plenty of publicity out of it. These races were also taking good horses away from the pattern, who were pot hunting for the money. I am pleased they will be getting their heads together to try and sort this out, or at least put a cap on the money coming from the owners. And another thing, if you are balloted out of the race you should get ALL your entry money back, not just a proportion as it is at the moment. It is madness this doesn’t happen.