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Glorious weather

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

"O, how much simpler things would be

If eyes could paint or brush could see.

Robert Brault.

Astromajor (Jimmy Quinn) and Hold Firm (Ali)

It’s is a really glorious day here in Newmarket today. First lot went on the perfect ground between the banks on racecourse side and second lot went up Long Hill on Bury Side. All went very well. The horses are in very good form, as are the lads and lasses.

Astrodiamond (Reece) and Crystal Pearl (Michaela)

I see the whip rules are hitting the headlines once again with the Silvestre De Sousa debacle. He was banned for hitting a winning horse too many times and because he has been referred for the whip of several occasions, he has now received a long ban. The rules could be very simple but we seem to always make a muddle of it and fall into the hands of the people who want to ban racing altogether. It would be much better, in my opinion, if the ten hit rule was what it means and if the horse wins the race but the jockey has broken the rules, the horse gets disqualified, whether it be a selling race at Carlisle or the Derby at Epsom. There is a win at all cost mentality in the bigger races with a few days ban for the jockey who breaks the rule but wins the race. If the horse was banned it would soon concentrate everybody’s mind.

Topaling (Abbie)

I see Bet365 are deserting us for Gibraltar, which has much better tax rules at present. This can only mean to me that the governments endeavour to get the point of consumption tax into legal terms is starting to hit the bookies. It could be years before we get sorted out and I think Bet365 have taken this decision purely on financial grounds. As usual we are in a real muddle.