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Swilken had an enjoyable morning

Wednesday, 01 October 2014

"Middle age is the awkward period when Father Time starts catching up with 

Mother Nature." 

Harold Coffin.

     22_Swilken    23_Swilken
Swilken popping over the poles

It’s still very warm and amazing weather for the 1st October. The forecasters are telling us it has been the driest September for a long time, with under an inch of rain in places. I am sure we will be making up for it as the winter goes on as the farmers always say that rainfall always averages out each year. The horses have been doing one normal canter this morning after yesterdays gallop morning and I took Swilken up to the loose school on the Links (see pictures).

    27_Swilken    28_Swilken
Is not needing any encouragement

It is all building up to the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe on Sunday with the runners and riders starting to sort themselves out. It will be fascinating to see who rides what and what the ground will hold. If they get some rain it can soon get very soft at Longchamp and if it does I would have a fancy for Treve running a big race again. The whole of Paris will be invaded by the British, who swell the crowd at the racecourse for the weekend and there will be the usual bus load of Japanese who come to support their horses. It all makes for a fantastic atmosphere in marvellous surroundings, but the only problem is trying to find a taxi which is near on impossible. You are far better walking.

Really enjoying himself

As mentioned above I took Swilken up to the loose school this morning on the Links. This is a boarded in facility with a polytrack base and you can put jumps up as and where you want them. The horse is ridden up there, and then you take all the tack off and let them loose. The jumps are put up and you encourage the horse to trot around the oval both ways and take the jumps in a natural way. I was pleased to say there was no encouragement needed for Swilken, who soon got into the swing of it and really enjoyed the morning. He must have jumped 30–40 poles both ways off both lead legs and his next test will be over the baby hurdles themselves. He is a hugely talented horse, who has shown very little on the track so far and I think this new venture for him might get his brain into gear. Whatever, it can only do him good and I was delighted with him this morning.