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A Dullingham Park home bred winner

Wednesday, 08 October 2014

"A relationship becomes easier when you realise that you don’t have to be the one at fault to be the one who’s sorry."

Robert Brault.

Astrowolf (Jessica)

It’s much colder this morning and we have got the heaters on in the hut for the first time this year. We have also had some good showers of heavy rain and it is very dull all over. We went cantering on Bury Side once again, where we have been having a good exercise and a walk back through the cobs home. Everybody is in good spirits after yesterday’s winner, especially the girl who looks after her and has been living up to the filly’s name.

Topaling (Abbie)

It was great to have another Dullingham Park home bred winner and the filly did it well. Green early, she took a time to know what was expected but was very brave in the end and won quite well. She is starting to go in her coat now and we will have to see whether we have another go or not this year. There are a couple of options later on in the month. She is from Angie’s fathers very good family, which goes back to Time Call and the Champs Elysees cross was perfect for the mare. Swilken showed he didn’t stay the mile but I was pleased with him yesterday as he behaved very well without any headgear and travelled well for a long way. If we continue in this vein he will definitely win a race this year back over shorter trips.

Wallking home

The October sales got off to a sensible start yesterday without any major high prices. In fact it looked to me like it was only 5-6 real buyers and the market is getting very selective at this top level. There were many vendor buy backs that will be eligible for the big sales race, but with the high cost of the stallion nominations, it was very hard to get the figures they required. I say it every year that there must be a correction of the stallion nominations which continue to be very high, but as yet it doesn’t seem to happen. There are a few stallions that attract the top mares and I see Treve has been booked for Dubawi, but it is impossible to get into these stallions with a normal mare, even if you have the money. The average nomination fee for mid range stallions has to drop if we are to encourage people to invest in the industry, both on the racetrack and in the breeding shed.