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We are off to Wolverhampton today

Thursday, 09 October 2014

"Action is eloquence"

William Shakespeare.

Cantering in the distance on the town sand

It’s a bright blue sky with a slight breeze this morning, which is keeping the temperature quite cool. We have had a good morning cantering on Bury Side with a bit of excitement when the air ambulance decided to circle about Sir Mark Prescotts yard, before settling down on the severals. There must have been a bad accident somewhere as there were ambulances with sirens blaring, roaring around town and the air ambulance on the ground for about an hour before setting off towards Cambridge. Our horses managed to walk by it without any mishap and all got home safely.

Cantering up the hill

We have one runner tonight at Wolverhampton. Lexi Grady Alice runs in the 6.20, the 1m claiming stakes. She has had a couple of runs so far, and for this run the trip will suit, she is drawn quite well, it is just the surface that is the unknown. I am hoping she can run into a place at least tonight. She is smallish but genuine.

Toparali (Jessica)

The sales seem to have gone mad yesterday with Sheikh Mohammed spending £8 million in a day. He has now already spent over £12 million in two days. It looks to me like there are only five or six people who can buy at this sale, with a lot of vendor buy backs. It is amazing how much money is spent and we are racing for so little. There will be a knock on effect to next weeks sale as so many people with what I call middle money, £10,00- £100,000, will be trying to buy. The problem of this successful sale is that it gives the wrong impression to the politicians who only see the headlines of how much money is being spent. It is a bit like the premiership where you have five clubs with the big money and everybody else is struggling.

Crystal Pearl (Ali)

The judgement to the government’s new gambling bill is due to be announced tomorrow and this will have big ramifications on how we tax overseas bookmakers. Let’s hope the judge comes down for once on our side, which is the government side, as it will be a big help to the industry. However, I have learnt never to count your chickens as there are so many twists and turns within the law, and so many ways of delaying decisions. Even if the government win the day, an appeal will be likely. Mark my words, it will be years yet.