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Where has the time gone

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

"Wild is the music of autumnal winds

Amongst the faded woods."

William Wordsworth.

Topamichi (Jimmy Quinn)

It’s a bright warm morning once again. It is amazing this weather at present and we should be very grateful, as usually it is cold and wet and the ground has gone by now. It was a bit breezier once out on the heath after leaving the shelter of the yard, but the horses breezed up Long Hill grass in twos and threes and all moved very well. Hopefully we will be running a few older horses on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all depending on clear blood tests. There were still a few coughers amongst the two-year-olds this morning, although their temperatures seem to have levelled off.

Comrade Bone (Sophie) and Toptempo (Yaz)

It was the first day of the Horses In Training sale here yesterday, with the town full of many different languages. It was interesting to read this morning that the old fashioned idea of the tweed wearing jump trainers, who were looking to buy horses off the flat to join their strings, has greatly diminished, and we now have the baseball cap overseas trainers looking to recruit flat horses to run on their all-weather tracks. It is amazing how life and our industry evolves. As usual there were a lot of withdrawn lots, but eight made over 100,000 guineas, with most of those finding homes abroad. I am sure there will be plenty of bargains and winners still to be had if you can just find the right ones.

Blue Bounty (Ali), Topaling (Abbie) and Astrowolf (Reece)

We are starting to get all our in-foal mares in order now at the stud, as believe it or not we will be having foals in January. It always amazes me how quickly this time of year comes round. It has been very handy having the new fences and two more fields to use, as it will make the rotation of the grass a bit easier. We are now starting to think about next years coverings and the studs are producing the stallion fees for next season. It is always a very interesting time of year as we visit the studs to see the stallions. A very wise old man told me to do this every year as they can change on a yearly basis. One year they look great and the next they might not be as good. It is always interesting to see the new stallions as well and trying to pick the right cross is a fascinating experience. It is a long term project though, but when it all comes right, there is nothing better.