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There is quite a chill in the air today

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." Voltaire.

Singing Hinnie (Sophie) and Topaling (Abbie)

It’s a dampish morning and a bit colder than yesterday. We had a very light shower overnight, which has just watered the flowers. We have had a quiet morning cantering wise, with most of them using Warren Hill and a few of them have gone on the grass on Bury Hills. I must say the grass is in great condition this year with plenty of growth and it’s thickened out at the bottom.

Hold Firm (Ali) leading the way

I see the rules of racing in different countries are once again hitting the Racing Post, with a stalls problem in Australia. In this country we are very relaxed about horses going in late, especially the ones that have played up before, but in Australia they go in by draw order and there is very little leeway. I have said this before, but wouldn’t it be great if the rules were uniform worldwide in every racing jurisdiction, just like it is in football, cricket, tennis and any other regulated sport.


There is an article today by Alan Sweetman, the Irish correspondent for the Racing Post, on the drug trainer case and how it has been handled. The thing that stood out to me was the last three paragraphs and him pointing out the big question as to why it was done by a person who was such high profile in the sport. His last sentence “the nightmare scenario, which has permeated the world of cycling and athletics in the recent past, is that the cheat may act not to maintain an edge but merely to keep pace with the co-competitors.” What a statement that is. Let’s hope the Irish Turf Club can get its act together and sort this matter out as quickly as possible.

We have a horse we would like to find a good home for. She is a three-year-old filly who would make a good riding horse or companion. For further details please ring the office. She is approximately just over 16 hands, good bodied and attractive.