Horse welfare is paramount ...

Long Hill and the Mactrac is where we cantered

Thursday, 30 October 2014

"How beautiful a day can be
When kindness touches it!"
George Elliston.

Comrade Bond (Sophie)

It is still very mild this morning, in fact amazingly mild for this time of year. It rained a bit yesterday, especially during the evening, which has made everything very damp and it was quite misty at first lot as we cantered up the Long Hill turf. Second lot were on the Mactrac with a quiet walk back down the new walking ground, which has settled in very well, actually the whole heath was very quiet this morning.

Swilken watching proceedings

It looked very strong trade yesterday at the sales with some very big prices being paid. I think it was all or nothing though, with the top lots making considerably more than they should have done and there were a lot of lots sold well below what they were worth. Most of the high lots are being exported, with Dubai and Australia the main beneficiaries. Dubai to fill the carnival up and Australia where European horses are the big thing at present. They have not got a breeding programme down there yet which produces good 1m 4f horses, but I am sure they will be back at the breeding sale to purchase broodmares and fillies that will help them. It was amazingly busy there yesterday at the sales with so many nationalities trying to buy horses, plus the few jump trainers with orders.

On the way to the muck hill

I see the jumping boys were complaining once again about the starter at Taunton, as nine of them got fined after the handicap chase. It is beyond me why the jockeys can’t understand they must walk to the tape rather than canter. I see they are going to ask their chief executive to try and sort this out saying that the new rules just weren’t going to work. Well if the rule is to walk in, that is all they have to do and if they are cantering, the race will not start and they will get fined, it is not rocket science. If they cannot understand that, then they should not have a licence at all.