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The Ascot story continues

Thursday, 06 November 2014

"A subject that is beautiful in itself gives no suggestion to the artist. It lacks imperfection."

Oscar Wilde.

Ben and Akram leading the mares

We had the first good frost of the winter today. It was really white all over but combined with the bright sunshine it was absolutely magical to be out on the heath first lot. Everything had a good healthy exercise doing two canters on the Mactrac up Warren Hill. 

Some weanling colts in the paddock

I see Ascot are going to have a trial of covering a furlong of the track with an inflatable plastic cover, very similar to those used in horticulture. This has all come about because of the timing of the Champions Day when the ground has been on the soft side. If it is successful they will talk about covering the whole track which will be a very big committment and I'm sure cost a lot of money. This debacle continues to run and run and you all know and must understand by now, the whole situation should never have occured. The Champion Stakes should still be run at Newmarket where the autumn ground is always O.K. on the well drained course. This is shutting the gate when the horses have bolted.

The new fencing is now finished

We are starting to move the yearlings into the yard now and all the horses on the stud are in their appropriate fields with the in-foal mares nearest to the centre, and the weanlings all on Deer Park side. The season soon comes round again and we shall be having foals on the ground towards the end of January.