Horse welfare is paramount ...

Pouring rain this morning

Friday, 07 November 2014

"Count your joys instead of your woes;

Count your friends instead of your foes."

Irish Saying.

Singing Hinnie (Yaz)

It's been pouring with rain on and off all morning with a few claps of thunder heard in the distance. Unbelievabley we managed to get all the canterers out in between downpours and the rest of the string have stayed dry in the indoor ride. Thank goodness it looks as if we are getting over the infection that hit the majority of the horses. All the temperatures are now normal and we are just getting an occasional cough. I shall still be very easy on them which can only be a good thing.

Blue Bounty (Sophie)

The former BHA chairman, Peter Savill, has taken his successors to task this morning over their policy of putting small field sizes above improving prize money as their biggest challenge. He quite rightly points out that an improvement in prize money would benerfit every area of the sport and its employees. His letter and the BHA's reply is a must read for everybody who is at all interested in the future of racing. I, like him, have always thought race planning is the number one item that needs sorting out. I said this 25 years ago and we should have centralised raceplanning run by people who understand the game and it looks as though this is where he is coming from .

Topamichi (Ali) and Astrowolf (Reece)

The radio was full of  the tragic accident at Wolverhampton where one horse was fatally injured and five jockeys were brought down. This along with the Melbourne Cup fatalities seems to hit the headlines. The anti-racing brigade are out in force on days like this but I can only assure the general public that racehorses are the most loved and cherished of any animal on this planet, and the staff who had to return home last night with an empty horse box will be completely devastated.