Horse welfare is paramount ...

The indoor ride is getting a makeover

Monday, 10 November 2014

"Action is the last resource of those who know not how to dream."

Oscar Wilde.

Astrowolf (Reece) and Toptempo (Yaz)

It’s a bright morning with plenty of sunshine but the temperatures are still low. There is no wind though, which is always a good thing when you are out on the great expansions of the heath. We had a good long canter up Long Hill this morning with the older horses and the rest have just had a day around the school, but I will be starting to canter some tomorrow.

Walking home through the woods

The big news today is Godolphins’ new jockeys. James Doyle and William Buick have moved from their very good jobs to be equal partners in the Godolphin set up. It looks like they mean business this year, with a massive investment at the yearling sales and now this swoop for the jockeys. It all makes for exciting times ahead. This sport of ours is a great leveller and with this and the new Qatari interest, plus Coolmoore still being the number one outfit, it all makes for good watching.

The dumper ....

We are having a new surface put down in the indoor ride today, so I have hired a Bobcat and a dumper for the job. The boys from the stud are on their way and by 11 o’clock hopefully all systems will be go. I know I sing the praises of the indoor ride, but it is a great asset. There is plenty of air in it, it doesn’t get claustrophobic and the horses are very settled.

... and the Bobcat

We are starting to look at stallions for next season, but I can’t believe the prices that the stallion masters are asking for some of these unproven sires and ones that have just started to have produce on the track. Without people willing to invest in the breeding side of the game we have nothing, and if the small to medium sized breeder is put off by stallion fees, they will soon disappear. There is nothing better than seeing your offspring on the track, and if they are successful it is even better, but things do happen, as they do in training, and if the costs are so high, they will think of moving on. My plead to our leaders is this. One, get the prize money right on the training side, which will keep more owners in the business, and two, keep stallion fees at a sensible price so that people have a chance of getting a return on their offspring. Without owners in both disciplines we have nothing. They must be encouraged.