Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

A really lovely morning

Friday, 06 August 2010


Ted Spread (Butch) cantering around Side Hill

"What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing" - Oscar Wilde


Forgotten Army (Dan)

A really lovely morning, a light breeze, bright sunshine, with a few wispy clouds but the weather forecasters tell us we are going to get some rain later on. I have just been talking to the groundsman at Redcar, because I was hoping to run some horses there on Sunday. He tells me he has had no rain for a fortnight and has been putting on 8 mls everyday all week. It is keeping the grass green but the ground is still fast. We agreed to meet each other in the autumn when we have had some rain - which by the law of averages is bound to happen. A normal morning with cantering, pipe opening, and general conditioning - so far so good.


Astrolibra (Wajid)

Not a very good day yesterday, but saying that both two year old's ran well and will have learnt a lot from yesterday's outing. Zenerinda ran with credit and Astroleo looks like he is starting to run back into form - he is such a genuine horse. Cornish Beau is sure to leave this bad run behind him as he has plenty of ability, and I can only put this run down to the ground.


No Rules (Steve)

Tonight we have two runners at Newmarket. Both were bred at Dullingham, and both are making their debuts. Munro's Dragon is a strong colt who will benefit from tonight's race and will improve for a bit more distance. Barwick is taking on all the cracks tonight, but the experience will not be lost on him. He is owned by the False Nose'n' Glasses 1 Partnership and hopefully he will develop as well as Ted Spread. 


MHT thoughtfully looking at the horses after exercise

Angie went to Garrowby yesterday and reported that the horses look really well. Some of the yearlings have started sales preparation, and others the hardening up process before they are broken in and return to Flint Cottage. It won't be long before the foals are weaned at Dullingham and the process starts all over again.


Crossing the road at the top of Warren Hill

It was interesting to watch, after the last at Yarmouth yesterday, the pony racing taking place. The enthusiasm of the participants was a joy to see. In Ireland the pony racing circuit is massive and most of the professional jockeys riding today have come through that education. It would be good to think that the British ones could follow suit.