A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

Foggy first thing

Thursday, 20 November 2014

"Mirrors should think longer before they reflect."

Jean Cocteau.

Warming up in the indoor ride led by Sant'Elia

It's much colder this morning and we have had thick low-lying fog. In places you can now see the blue sky but at first lot on the Al Bahathri, where I took some horses to do fast work, the first four furlongs were in thick fog. The horses emerged into view between the four and five markers and then the last two furlongs, which are on the climb, were clear. I expect by 11 o'clock it will be a glorious day.

Tacking up Legal Art ready for exercise

I see the foundation set up to distribute funds from the sale of the Tote has just made four new grants. £100,000 has gone to the new Horseracing Museum which is a great project, but I'm not sure what good the other three will do. They have given almost £50,000 to the University of Glasgow. Now if you can understand this next bit you are a better man than me. This is " trial a project which will seek to translate cutting-edge academic equine research into digestible best practice advice for owners, trainers and racecourses". Now what that means is anybody's guess. Another grant of £30,000 has gone to Racing Welfare to investigate "...the use of equine-assisted therapy as a means of enhancing the wellbeing of people working in racing". This is another sentence which needs explanation. £50,000 has been pledged to the Royal School of Vetinary Studies  in Edinburgh towards the development of a new diagnostic surgical and critical care unit. This must be a good thing if it helps horse welfare, but I thought the money from the Tote was going to horseracing charities. The government very much under sold the Tote and we don't want to squander the proceeds.

Hold Firm peeping round the corner

I see Channel Four have a new project to have a drone flying above and behind the field following the horses. This is another one of Channel Four's ideas which is supposed to bring in more viewers. It seems a bit like the head-cam which doesn't do anything for anybody. I hope this isn't  just another gimmick and that no horse, jockey nor spectator is injured because of it.