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You certainly need your woolly vest this morning

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

"Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone."

G.B. Stern.

A frosty view across the heath

It’s another very cold morning with a hard frost, but once again there is no wind and that certainly is a blessing. When there is one on days like this the cold goes right through you. Cantering on Bury Side has been the mornings exercise and all the horses have got out and back safely. We are over the infection now with the two-year-olds and they are all back into work.

Star Commander (Reece)

It was a mixed day yesterday with Toptempo certainly running well enough, but with the blinkers fitted, the two miles seemed too far. I think her ideal trip is 1m 4f to 1m 6f. Comrade Bond was a bit keen with the boy and the only one good thing about yesterday is that he will come further down the handicap. He will be schooled over hurdles again and his next run will hopefully be in that sphere.

Toparali (Jess)

It was the December yearling sales here yesterday at Newmarket and the competition was still strong for the better lots. It is the foals that hold centre stage from tomorrow onwards and then the mares start the following week. We will be invaded by the pin hookers this week, all looking to find the foal that improves out of all proportion, both physically and pedigree wise. There are plenty of people who do this very well, but you still need nerves of steel and plenty of luck to make a profit. Buying mares is slightly different as you know what the covering sire is and if the mare looks the right make and shape and her pedigree is good, you know what you are purchasing, although there is still the temperament side to take into consideration and you don’t really know that until you get her home and turned out with the other mares. The buyers for these horses will come from ever country worldwide, as our British bloodlines are very sought after. It is a completely different crowd for the second week from the first.