It's Champions weekend ...

What a difference a day makes

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

"For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness."


Keeping dry in the indoor ride

It’s much warmer today, about 9 degrees, but it has never stopped raining. I am reliably informed it started about 1 o’clock this morning and it is still going strong now. What a difference from yesterday, which was white all over with frost and freezing. I have kept everybody in the indoor ride where they are dry and they can do plenty of work without getting soaked through. Our drains have been the problem this morning with the amount of rain, and we have been pumping them out since first light. I can’t wait to get the new drains in situ.

Humphry Repton (Yaz)

I see another “fine mess” happened yesterday at Sedgefield, when the wrong flag was waved and the jockeys took no notice of it whatsoever. They were quite rightly banned for 10 days each as certainly not one of them knew the rules. I know we don’t get flags waved as much as in Formula 1 racing, where they always seem to me to be constantly waving them, but at least the drivers all know what it means and slow down accordingly. My take on yesterday is that all theses riders were inexperienced and had very little idea of what was going on. An educational programme, which is compulsory, is called for with all jockeys having to attend. I personally don’t think this would have happened if a senior jockey had been in the race and although this time it didn’t cause an accident, more by luck than judgement, the rules must be obeyed as they are there for a very good reason. We have got lots of people who are supposed to be in charge of these things, and they are paid a considerable amount of money. These are the people who want to get a grip as soon as possible.

Steve and Darren pumping out the drains

It was very sad to learn of the death of Lady Herries, who died at the weekend. She did an amazing job with her horses; they always did their best and were looked after like kings. She was always helpful with advice to young trainers and she is one of a type that will be very sadly missed. I don’t think we will see many like her in the future. Our condolences to all her family.