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It was still so dark at first lot

Tuesday, 02 December 2014

"The key to successful aging is to pay as little attention to it as possible."

Judith Regan.

It is such a dark, dank morning on the gallops

I don’t know whether this was forecast, but it is a most horrible morning. It is wet, dark and very damp. First lot we could hardly see them as they did faster work up the Al Bahathri, and how people had been out and cantered an hour before us is anybody’s guess. At this time of year it is rather silly to pull out too soon as you can’t see a thing on the heath and if one got loose and ran across the road, there could be a very bad accident. It was slightly better second lot when it was fully light, but it is still raining and the sky looks full of it.

Walking round after exercise in the rain

Our runner yesterday was running on at the end, although only through tiring horses, but I think we now know that he will now need 1m 4f and that his first run was more needed than we thought. When ridden by an apprentice, you tend not to get a proper assessment, which is no disrespect to Josh Quinn who rode him, he did as I wanted, but the feedback from an experienced jockey is of much more help. There is certainly some fun to be had with him at this level and I will also be showing him some hurdles in the very near future, as quite a few of his siblings have shown ability in this sphere.

Prayer Time (Ali) at second lot

The report on betting shop gaming machines came out yesterday, after a very long wait, and I am not actually sure what it achieved, in fact the suggestion was that further research was needed. The bookmakers have been holding their breath with this report as it is the machines that keep the shops going, they are a big cash cow for them. The politicians are hovering in the wings with their objections to the machines and the number of betting shops that there are in small areas. I don’t think this report has done much to aim them in any direction and a more robust and independent report is needed.

Toparali (Jess) and Star Commander (Reece)

The first day of the December Mare’s Sale started yesterday, with everything on the decline. Both the aggregate and average fell by 35%. I am not sure what to make of those figures, but think the yearling sales were clouded by three very rich men buying horses and that this side of the industry is not as buoyant as some thought. The emerging countries look to have been very quiet yesterday and it may take a few years for it to bounce back.