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Very Happy Birthday

Tuesday, 09 December 2014

"Example is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other."

Edmund Burke.

Peeps (Michaela)

A good frost this morning but thank goodness once again there is no wind. I have had a very busy time with some gallopers going down to the Al Bahathri via the Town Sand and I was at the bottom as they set off. The gallop winds its way adjacent to the railway line. It was amazing as just as the second group set off a train whooshed into view only about 50 yards from the horses. It's those times you wish you had your camera but I was too busy organising the work. I have kept second and third lots on the Long Hill polytrack and the yearlings continue to go round the Indoor Ride. We got seven more in over the weekend and they have already got rugs on and are starting to be lunged.

Toparali (Jess)

I see once again the BHA have come up with a "great" idea which they say will boost the quality of Sunday racing. This is a series of races for veteran chasers. It may suit one or two but it's the least likely way to attract people to go racing, and once again it is an example of how the London based BHA is completely out of touch.


Astrovirtue leads the way

It's Dame Judi Dench's birthday today so, "Very Many Happy Returns" from everyone at Exeter Ride and Dullingham Park. We all hope that she has a really great day. What a fantastic example she is to the young with her incredible work ethic. There is a photo of her horse Peeps above, who has had two runs so far and has shown ability on both. The filly will make a lovely three year old and hopefully give her and Brian plenty of fun next year.

I hope you saw the Channel Four interview when Dame Judi visited Smokey Oakey in his new home at the East Park Riding for the Disabled centre. I cannot praise the centre enough and if anyone wants to donate to this marvellous charity please click onto their website: where you can also see the interview.