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A technical hitch

Monday, 09 August 2010

The string cantering on Long Hill first lot.

"Forget the Cossacks and the Comanches - the greatest horsemen in the world are the Newmarket stable lads." A stable girl


Due to technical problems, we may be short of a few pictures until Thursday. I hope everybody will understand that we are doing our best, and normal service will resume as soon as possible. 

All the horses have been up Long Hill grass this morning, as it is still in good nick and has not gone too firm. Our runners at the weekend all ran with credit and Omokoroa was very unlucky not to have won. We will be having very few runners this week, just one on Wednesday and one or two possibly on Thursday.

Very bad news about Harbinger, who cracked his cannon bone galloping on Saturday morning. It's quite amazing how it always happens to the good ones, but it is what I say, most of them don't go fast enough to hurt themselves. We have the most brilliant veterinary practices in Newmarket, and he would have had his plate and screws inserted within hours. They are deciding his future today, and I would guess he will be retired to stud, hopefully in England where everybody can use him. It just goes to show that you must enjoy all the good time with horses.