Horse welfare is paramount ...

A busy morning is had by all

Thursday, 04 December 2014

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Mark Twain.

Astrovirtue having a cuddle with Reece

It’s an overcast morning and it feels like it is going to rain again, but there’s none as yet. It has already been a very busy morning, as both the boxes are on the move with fillies going out to the stud to have a break. Next years two-year-olds will be coming the other way once the boxes are steam cleaned and painted. Maintenance never stops, both in the yard and on the stud, and it is imperative to have a good team of workers who know what standard we require. Our maintenance man Ryan, does a brilliant job and he is one of those people who can turn their hand to anything and he does regually. I told him when he came to us years ago that no two days are the same and he often reminds me of that discussion.

Ben mucking out the stables ready to be steam cleaned

The BHA is trumpeting a future funding method for our sport with the ‘racing right.’ The chairman says this is a “landmark opportunity” to secure racings future and let’s hope he is right. It will take a lot of work to get through the government departments and passed in parliament and I am sure the bookies will be working just as hard on their side. This is the BHA’s big chance to get the finances of racing right and show everybody the way forward. Let’s hope it works, but when William Hill says “this is a complex legal issue” you can see this rolling on for years.

Mo steam cleaning the empty stables

I see Chelmsford City, the old Great Leighs, has been turned down for its 24 hour licence. They had obviously hoped to run all night parties and also mentioned boxing matches and live music performances. I wonder if this was part of their business plan in the first place. It looks to me as if it was. I only hope that this new venture will stand the test of time, unlike the old one which only lasted a very short time.