It's Champions weekend ...

A good day at Wolverhampton yesterday

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

"The best way out of a problem is through it."


Astrowolf (Sophie) and Singing Hinnie (Jimmy Quinn)

It’s a bright morning but once out on the heath the wind chill went right through you and the temperature is only around 3 degrees. Hopefully it will get warmer as the day goes on. We have been galloping on the Al Bahathri this morning with a few older horses and some two-year-old which are starting to get back into gear. The surface was perfect on the gallop and they all moved well. We are getting much nearer the shortest day, which I think is the 21st December, and it was just light enough for everybody to see what was going on.

Cooling down after exercise

We had a good day yesterday at Wolverhampton with Topaling putting her best foot forward once again to record her fourth win from her last five races. She is a filly with plenty of character, which she shows at home at frequent intervals, but my motto is ‘beat them with kindness’ and a pat on the neck is worth everything. She will stay further and I am sure we can win more races with her as she is only a three-year-old and has had very little racing.  Comrade Bond also put in a fantastic performance, with the first time on the surface and over that trip, he ran a belting race and rewarded his very loyal owners with a 50/1 each way third. He will undoubtedly win races over this trip and may get a bit further in time.

The view from Lord Derby's

I see the Irish betting tax plans are being delayed once again. The plan to get their on line gambling approved has hit another block, this time from Malta and it is all EU regulations which hold it up. Unfortunately the same will happen to our ‘racing right’ aims and it is beyond me why these delays have to occur. The bookmakers know eventually something will happen so why not all get together and get it organised without these delays.

Bob prowling the yard 

There’s a very interesting piece by Nicholas Godfrey today in the Racing Post on the new make up of the BHA. I won’t go into it all here, but you should read it for yourself and make you own mind up as to what he is trying to tell us. However, his last three or four lines is most telling when he says ‘maybe oil and gas executives backed by bookmakers executives and sundry others will be racing’s dream team’. Make of that line what you will.