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Thursday, 18 December 2014

"An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow."


Careless Rapture (Yaz) and Champs Elysees ex Topatori yearling fillies

It's a very mild morning with no rain, but we have got a covering of low cloud. It looks like it is going to stay like this most of the day and the forecasters tell us to expect some colder weather at the weekend. It will also be very similar next week. Evidently it is all to do with the position of the jet stream. Cantering up the long polytrack canter has been the exercise this morning and we have sat on four more of the yearlings. This year’s batch has been marvellous and they are like kids at school, loving the lessons. If you have good teachers the pupils thrive, and we have good teachers.

Astrovirtue (Reece)

I see the last two places for the new BHA board have been announced. These are the short term ones who are going to serve between six and twelve months to help the new member’s bed in. As you know I have not heard of any of the new board and they have no connections, other than a slight interest in racing. These two short term ones are David Thorpe, who is the Arc chairman and our own National Trainers’ Federation executive, Rupert Arnold. Whether they will have the wherewithal, or the strength to tell the new board members as it is in the real world is debateable. We will give it time though and wait to see what happens.


It is a subject we don’t like to talk about, but farmers always say that where there is livestock there is dead stock and the disposal of it has got to be done. Here in Newmarket we have a very efficient way of doing it which is run by the Jockey Club. A proportion of the monthly fees for the heath are paid towards it so that any horse that has an unfortunate accident or dies for any reason is swiftly and efficiently removed. We are very lucky in this respect. The debate today in the Racing Post about euthanasia on the racecourse has reared its head since the photos of a horse being shot after breaking its leg at Doncaster. We had a meeting yesterday of our equine disposal scheme, on which I represent the trainers, and the subject of euthanasia came up. In my mind it is a no brainer that the injection way is by far and away the best way and I am delighted to see today the BHA have come out and agreed on that view. In fact Michael Prosser, the Newmarket Racecourse Chief Executive and the eastern representative of the Jockey Club Racecourses, reaffirmed at the meeting that this was a rule on his racecourses.