It's Champions weekend ...

The day to fly a kite

Monday, 22 December 2014

"It's Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air."

W.T. Ellis.



A very windy day but still extremely mild, it's one of those perfect mornings for flying a kite. We have been out and cantered on Warren Hill and everything has gone well so far. It was our Christmas party last night and we eventually had a full complement of staff with just a couple of late comers. I am sure they all enjoyed it.


From the left, Champs Elysees ex Topatori, Lawmen ex Katajan, and Heavensfield

The whip rule is headlines once again on the front of the Racing Post and in my opinion, and a considerable number of the professionals, the BHA must act and change the rule very quickly and the sooner the better. Everybody will know where they stand especially the jockeys, and it will stop all this nonsense which usually happens in the big races. If the jockeys know that the horse will lose the race if they exceed the number of cracks they can give the horse, they will all ride within the rules. It's very simple and it should have been done in the first place.

Stev_and_DarrenDarren leading Marktime with Steve watching on

There was another article about prize money concerning how it should be divided and how it would help small field sizes. This simple solution of having prize money down to sixth place would work as well and is one we have all been advocating for a long time. The problem is nobody in the BHA listens to what common sense is spoken by the professionals. They live in their London bubble, cocooned in their own thinking which is far removed from common sense. I have always advocated the BHA should move their offices to a more centralised position in the country. Newmarket would be perfect and then the officers could see, understand and be involved with the realities of racing life. We have plenty of room here on the National Stud site. Once this was built and all the organisations concerned would have offices there, it would be a big cost saver as well. This is another simple idea which should be adopted.