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It looks to be a good turn our for Chelmsford City

Tuesday, 06 January 2015

"We are all inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals; others, by their acts."

Harold Nicolson.

Prayer Time (Reece)

It is overcast this morning, but dry, and we have had a great day so far. I sent some gallopers up to the Links first lot, and although it was dark, by the time we got there it had started to get a bit lighter. They did some tremendous work on the railway line gallop, on the turf, finishing up the hill with a flourish. I was delighted with how they all went. All the horses are eating well, looking well and behaving well and with the lads in good form, we are going forward with plenty of enthusiasm. The two-year-olds are nearly all broken in now and most of them are cantering on the school and are venturing out onto the heath as they gain experience. Each day is an adventure for them.

Legal Art (Sophie)

I saw a picture of Chelmsford City in the Racing Post today, with the new facility still in the middle of the track. It looks to me like it has been built to suit corporate events as well as racing, and I am sure that side of the business will be as important to them as our industry is. They have got plans to build a stand in the correct place, but when that will be built is anybody’s guess, so we will just have to suck it and see until then. At least the prize money is good at the moment and they have got a good entry for their first meeting on Sunday, with 107 horses entered at this stage. The close proximity to Newmarket will make it popular as the expenses should be smaller with transport costs, but we don’t want too many evening meetings as they are the ones that put the costs up to owners. I have often been asked why Newmarket trainers don’t send their horses to race up in the north of England and  Scotland, and I have always told the clerk of the courses honestly that the travelling expenses in relation to the prize money has been the most off putting item. That is why Chester gets so many runners. It is popular with everybody because the prize money is always good and the owners are looked after like Kings, so it is heartening to see Ayr racecourse offer complimentary accommodation in their hotel on the racetrack to anybody having a runner in any of the chases next Monday. It is a pity it didn’t cover every race as I am sure it would have encouraged some other entries, but it is a poor reflection on the business when courses have to try bribery to get runners. Ayr always looks after the owners well, with a free meal and good facilities, but it is the situation which is the problem as it is so far to go.  

Lawman ex Katajan (Steph) leading Sir Percy ex Four Miracles (Yaz)

I know Christmas has finished and we have plenty of good cracker jokes but I thought I would give you another.

Question: What did the alien say to the gardener?

Answer: Take me to your weeder.