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Who will they get to present the Grand National programme?

Wednesday, 07 January 2015

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile."


What a beautiful start to the day

It’s another frosty start and a very clear morning with the moon still out. A good canter round Side Hill grass was the exercise first lot for 50% of the horses, with the rest going up Long Hill polytrack. They all met up in Warren Hill Plantation and had a quiet walk back home. These bright mornings give us great sunsets and I hope you have been enjoying my pictures recently of the ones I have managed to capture. It is well worth the effort if you can ever make it, to get up and come out with me and see these early morning exercises.

Cantering on the heath

With Clare Balding’s decisions to host the boat race rather than the Grand National this year, there has been a lot of chat as to who should present the big day as it is the most watched horse race worldwide. We have had in the past somebody very well known, but they have usually already been the presenters of famous sports programmes, like Grandstand, and were the obvious candidates to do the job, but with nothing like those programmes in the TV schedules, they are talking about minor celebrities presenting the Grand National programme. Personally I don’t think it will make any difference who presents it and Nick Luck has been doing a great job keeping Channel 4 ticking over when Clare has not been there. With the decision to move all racing to Channel 4, we have got to accept that racing is now in the minor TV range, but the Grand National will be watched by millions and it is the race not the presenter that will make it. The once a year 50 pence e/w punter will not worry about who presents it, they will just want to see their horse and colours come past the post in the first four. It is the race that is exciting, not the presenter.

Walking home with the sun rising

I smiled to myself this morning when seeing the “special report” on in running betting in the Racing Post. I brought this up at least four years ago, when all the hospitality boxes were being booked by these players trying to get an edge on the TV picture times, so that they could bet in running before normal people at home had any idea what had actually happened. All the boxes at Yarmouth were full of these people paying money for the actual pictures, rather than the delay everybody else was getting. It has taken a long time for people to catch on and there must have been many people who have lost so much money through this type of gambling. Once again it is the racecourses that have made the money by selling the boxes, without having to do anything. These gamblers don’t want food or drink, they just want quiet and it has usually been at the races TV courses who have benefited most. The article is worth reading.