In and out as quickly as possible ...

Has the rain set in for the day?

Thursday, 08 January 2015

"It used to be that people needed products to survive. Now products need people to survive." Nicholas Johnson.

Astrowolf (Ali) leading the way 

It has been a mixed morning weather wise so far. First thing was dark, mild and calm and now it is dull, very wet and the wind has started to get up. I have managed to get two lots out before the worst of the weather and the next couple of lots will be staying in the indoor ride and keeping dry. Side Hill grass and Warren Hill poly were the mornings exercise. We had Jimmy Quinn  in to sit on Singing Hinnie, who he has really taken to and keeps telling me has improved out of all recognition this last month. With the filly being well over 17hh and Jimmy being under 8 stone, ‘the pea on a drum’ expression is certainly correct for this duo.

Comrade Bond (Yaz) making their way home

I see Catterick are going to submit their all-weather track plans and hope to be up and racing by the end of 2016. This is certainly a better alternative for an all-weather racecourse in the north, as Newcastle would have been wrecked by their proposed track and Catterick, with its sharp turns and undulations, is certainly the lesser track. It is a shame that the grass flat track will be lost and  a pity we couldn’t have found somewhere where either a new track could have been built, or the all-weather was on the inside of an existing one. I always thought Wetherby was the place to put it, but when they did their new track a few years ago, it failed to enter their heads and now they are going to run grass flat meetings there. I suppose the Catterick development will help the turf runners at Wetherby. 

Out in all weathers

There is a bit of agro from the public about the new Chelmsford City racecourse and not just being able to buy a ticket and go. This track has always had the problem of not having a proper grandstand and has had to make do with an infield facility. Why the powers that be let them do it in the first place I don’t know and they seem to have done exactly the same second time round. Let’s hope everything gets sorted out quickly and it all goes smoothly on Sunday and that the doors can be open to everybody as quickly as possible, but a grandstand will be required and they must be urged by the powers that be to build one as soon as they can.

The sun is coming up

It is the first meeting of the Carnival at Meydan today in the build up to the Dubai World Cup, and it will be fascinating to see how the horses act to the new dirt surface. There is plenty of chat about it being on the slow side and that you need to be right on the pace to have any chance. It is fantastic prize money though, but it looks to me as if the owners of the track will be taking most of it home themselves.