A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

We are off to Wolverhampton today

Friday, 09 January 2015

"Youth disserves; middle age conserves; old age preserves."

Martin H. Fischer.

Toptempo (Yaz) leading the way out of the indoor ride

It’s mild this morning and very calm, which is amazing as everywhere else seems to have got high winds and rain. The radio was telling me there were power cuts up in Scotland, with trees and telegraph poles down everywhere. In fact they said there were still some down from the gales in December, which just goes to show you how disorganised the power firms are nowadays. We have been out cantering on Bury Side, and apart from one little hiccup, all has gone well. It would be marvellous one morning, if everything went smoothly just for once, but anybody who runs their own business will tell you that never happens!

Astromajor (Ali) leading the two-year-olds

We have one runner today, with Topaling running at Wolverhampton in the 5.15. This meeting is one of those twilight cards, which are neither here nor there and as you can see from the prize money, except one race, it is very poor. For your interest Topaling has won four times, been placed third and won a grand total of £10,896, before reductions. This just shows the level of the prize money we are running for on the all-weather tracks. Let’s hope she can continue her good run today though and win another £1,900. She must have a chance of getting involved once again.

Royal Applause ex Astromancer two-year-old filly (Ali)

I was pleased to see that Racing Welfare has opened a new development for stable staff in Malton. This is an area of our industry which really is of concern to everybody, as housing costs are so high, especially in the Newmarket area where we are a catchment area for Cambridge. Accommodation for stable staff is always in short supply and anything that Racing Welfare can do to alleviate this, is always a good thing. The Jockey Club have got parcels of land which could be used in this way, but as always there is a catch. It would be refreshing for once, if we could just get on and do something for the staff who work for the majority of the hard working trainers in Newmarket. The bigger yards can take care of their own, and usually do, by paying massive wages and giving perks of accommodation and cars.

Mo is helping out at Exeter Ride for a couple of weeks

An interesting observation by Bill Barber today in the Racing Post, was that one of the new members of the BHA was joint favourite to be the next chief executive of Ladbrokes. What with the chief executive being a bookmaker and now with this revelation, we look like being run by the bookmakers even more so for the foreseeable future. I just can’t understand the very sensible people who are involved at the top of our industry letting this situation happen.