Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

Topaling does it again

Monday, 12 January 2015

"Do not be wise in words – be wise in deeds."

Jewish Proverb.

Legal Art (Sophie) and Star Commander (Reece)

It’s a mild morning but with plenty of wind, and although it is forecast to be dryish today, I think there is some rain on the way and a very stormy mixed week of weather ahead. I hope it stays dry so we can run Topamichi at Fakenham on Tuesday, but the rest of the runners will be on the all-weather, so there will be no problems there. I have been using Side Hill polytrack canter and the grass oval as the main exercise this morning and all has gone without a hitch. Thank goodness.

Topalova, the Champs Elysees ex Topatori two-year-old

We were delighted with Topaling once again at Wolverhampton on Friday, where she won with the minimum of fuss. Although I have had plenty of three time winners on the bounce, I cannot remember one that has won four on the trot, like she has. There is still plenty of improvement in her, especially as I am sure she will stay two miles, but the big question mark will be how she will handle the turf when we get there. Her two-year-old sister, by Champs Elysees, is in the yard and cantering and we have a half share for sale, whether it be in the whole or two quarters. If I say it myself, she is any outstanding filly, by a very promising sire and anybody who is interested please give the office a ring. All this family have done us proud over the years and we may have left the best to last, as she is the last foal of the mare.

Astromajor (Ali)

Our five to follow competition for the  2014 turf season was a very close run things. In fact it ended in a dead heat, with my bother David and Roy Jelfs tying for first place. Both qualify for a half share in one of the partnership horses this year. Congratulations to them both and the new competition will be up and running very shortly. We will let you know when entries are being accepted, but have a go. With the number of horses we have this year, I am sure it will give us plenty of fun during the season.

Hold Firm (Yaz)

Chelmsford City got up and running yesterday. I didn’t go, but watched two or three races on the TV and have asked various trainers this morning what they thought. It looked to me like the track was quite tired and it must be after six years of inactivity. It looked pretty dusty and the kickback was reported to be quite fierce. Maybe the track needed some re-waxing to be done but I am sure the ground staff will be on the job as quickly as possible. It doesn’t look to have changed too much and I am sure there were a few teething problems yesterday, but with the grand opening not until February 1st, they have got a couple more race days to iron out some of the problems. At least the prize money was better than the present all-weather tracks and let’s hope it stirs them into action to up their game. If they don’t put the prize money on, the problem of small field sizes will just be enlarged. With three Godolphin winners, let’s hope this track is not going to be a them and us one, with a great divide between the haves and the have-nots.