In and out as quickly as possible ...

The frost and snow has arrived

Monday, 19 January 2015

"You’ll meet more angels on a winding path than on a straight one."

Terri Guillemets.

The first covering of snow on the heath

We woke up this morning to the first snow of the year; it started to come down at around a quarter to five and just gave us a good covering all over. We have managed to canter on the heath without any problems and the two-year-olds have stayed in the indoor ride, where they have been doing plenty of work. I nearly had a full compliment of staff and everything has had a really good exercise and things are going in the right direction.

MHT, Nayef ex Seasonal Blossom colt and Darren

It was great to see Toptempo bounce back to her very best, albeit in a lowly race, but she spread eagled a bad field of horses and won very easily. We let her go at a price at the auction and good wishes to the new owners. Let’s hope they can win some more races and help the mare, who is in foal at present to So You Think. Blue Bounty didn’t get the trip on Friday and will be resorting back to shorter and the same applies to Hold Firm, who I thought would definitely get the trip, but blatantly failed to get any further than a mile. You never stop learning about horses and the great art is to understand what they are telling you.

MHT watching the two-year-olds trot up

I see the whip rule was debated again by the Monday jury in the Racing Post today and all the jockeys were scathing about Sir Mark Prescott’s idea, which I am very much in favour of. You have got rules in all sports and if it is the FA cup final and the goal is offside, then it doesn’t count. If the ball is out at tennis when on match point in the Wimbledon final, it is out, so why the jockeys can’t see that more than eight strikes and you are out will be fairer for everybody, I don’t know. In fact I don’t understand them at all, as there would be no whip bans, there would be no totting up and then having a month off, it would be so much easier for them and it would be much favourable for all. Let’s hope commonsense can prevail.