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Free entry makes such a difference

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

"For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver."

Martin Luther.


Nayef ex Seasonal Blossom (Andy) for sale

It’s another very cold morning and as we write this, it has just started to snow. Not very much, but they look pretty big flakes. It’s been an easier day than yesterday and we have just been cantering on Bury Side polytracks, with no problems. We are now down to the last two two-year-olds to break in and they are very nearly ready to be ridden. By the end of the week we should be on them and they will be trotting round the indoor ride. I still have a few backward ones on the stud, which we will bring in when time allows.

Sir Percy ex Four Miracles (Reece) for syndication or lease

I see the bookmakers are paying £2 million for the TV advertising campaign to promote responsible gambling, especially on the machines they have in their shops. It has now become a political item with all parties and the bookmakers are beginning to see that the politicians could do something to hit their businesses, but with William Hill announcing their profits are up 11%, it just shows how much money goes out of the industry into somebody else’s pockets. I still think that politicians will be thinking there is vote winning potential in their objections to gambling.

Walking home with Hold Firm (Ali) leading the way

The BHA are putting their fees up and items such as entry fees and registration fees for racehorses, owners, trainers and jockeys is to rise by 8.5%. Once again it is the professionals who are hit. It would be ok if the BHA were doing a proper job and everybody could see big benefits, or even benefits to the equivalent of a 5% rise. It is another disappointing announcement and there is very little anybody can do about it.

Prayer Time playing peek-a-boo

There’s a very thoughtful article on the cost of racecourse attendance in the Racing Post today. When Aintree had their normal meeting for the Becher meeting in December 2013, it got 7,000 spectators, when the turnstiles were removed an extra 30,000 attended as it was free. This happens constantly when free tickets are given out and it just goes to show how expensive and off-putting the pricing structure is for racecourse attendance. The article finishes with theses words “we can only imagine how attendances might boom if the lesson was properly headed”.