Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

We have a short respite from the cold

Monday, 26 January 2015

"We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspirations and survival."

Winston Churchill.

Astromajor (Frankie) making his way out to exercise

It’s overcast and damp, but at the moment it is very mild and there is very little wind, so for a January morning, it is not at all bad. The forecast says it is to get really cold from the middle of the week onwards, with the weather coming directly from the Arctic, so it looks like we are in for a proper cold spell. The horses have been cantering in all direction once again this morning, with Bury Hills, Side Hill, Warren Hill and the Town Canter all being used at various times. So far everything has ticked over well and we will be keeping the last couple of lots in the indoor ride.

Hold Firm (Ali) on the walking ground

I just don’t know what the BHA are thinking of at present, with the announcement at the weekend that another Australian has been put in charge of all raceday operations. This new Australian has been in charge of Racing Victoria’s trotting horses. You just can’t make it up, why would we want another Australian in a position like this. I thought we had got plenty of capable people who understood the British industry, and have worked in it and we were told the calibre of candidate was very high. I am sure the Aussies wouldn’t have a Brit if it was on the other foot. We might as well call us the BHA Australian section.


(Photographed by Dylan Thomas for the Country Life)

Emma Wells with Ringmaster, now Charlie, just before her wedding.

With viewing figures for Channel 4 Racing, both the morning line and the afternoon programme, on the decline and very much so, it just shows the poor judgement of the people in charge of our sports, from moving from the BBC to a single channel. With 7 million viewers watching the Manchester Utd vs Cambridge Utd football match on the BBC, it just points to that very bad decision. The major TV channel of our country is the BBC and with Royal Ascot, the Derby and the Grand National now on Channel 4, we can expect figures to keep going downwards. When will they ever see the big picture, rather than the cash cow they thought it was going to be, but won’t ever be.