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It's all go this morning

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

"Doing things is not the same as getting things done."

Jared Silver.

Darren and Frankie lunging Sweeping Beauty

It’s another mild morning, with no wind and no rain, but it is forecast to get very cold from the middle of the week onwards. We have had a very busy day so far, with horses galloping on the Al Bahathri first lot, second lot we were putting some through the stalls and both horseboxes have gone in different directions to collect a couple more and to drop one off. I could do with three or four new members of staff, but they seem to be in short supply at the moment, as it usually is at this time of the year, and Newmarket is full of horses. Both the racing schools do their best to produce new recruits, but there must be another area that we can target. The tightening up of the immigration rules has stopped the riders coming from India and Pakistan, and there doesn’t seem to be a European country which has the horse loving staff that we require. It will be one of the questions that I will be asking the chairman of the BHA, when we meet in a couple of weeks time.

Astromajor (Jimmy Quinn) and Hold Firm (Ali)

The low sun and fence omissions are talked about today in the Racing Post and now jockeys can ask for their horse to be withdrawn if there are a significant number of fences, or hurdles, not to be jumped. The rule brought in looks to be a real muddle and I am sure won’t work very well. As usual this  item has been completely mishandled, very similar to the whip rule, which I see the Green Party have now put on their election manifesto to be completely banned. If they only understood that racehorses are the most pampered creatures in the world and create so many jobs, country wide, they would begin to understand.

The string walking home after exercise

Still no foals, but one or two are getting closer and I am sure we will be putting pictures up of newborn foals in the next two weeks. I think generally everybody has been a bit behind and it must be the weather. Nature has a great way of doing its own thing.