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What weather will be having next?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

"Don’t cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won’t let you see the stars."

Violeta Parra.

Astromajor (Frankie) and Prayer Time (Ali)

We have had every sort of weather this morning. We woke up to a strong wind and drizzle and then we were calm for a while, but the last hour or so has been horrendous, with heavy rain, hail and mushy snow. It also clapped with thunder. The temperature was certainly cooler and the forecast is, as you know, for the air to come direct from the arctic, so we are in for a real cold spell. The horses managed to get out before the worst of the weather and cantered on Bury Side polytracks. The last couple of lots have been very pleased to be in the dry and warmth of the indoor ride, where they have had a good canter round and a proper exercise.

Astrowolf (Reece), Medicean ex Astrodonna (Yaz) and Mr Turner (Jimmy Quinn)

There’s an interesting and thought provoking article today in the Irish section of the Racing Post, asking the question of whether the big battalions have hindered the smaller trainers. It is certainly happening in Ireland, where the few big owners monopolise the main trainers and the races. It is also happening here in Newmarket, where the bigger trainers, with the owners that don’t have to think about money, have most of their horses. They seem to be getting bigger and the rest are standing still, but we must look after the enthusiastic owners who love the sport for the horses and the craic and hope their horse will hit the big time. There is a huge chasm between the two parties and the BHA must do all they can to understand the problem and try and narrow the gap. 

Keeping the gallops maintained

The question often asked is, how do you get a horse that is capable of running in all the big races worldwide? There is a lot of luck involved for you to find one with the right temperament, ability, charisma and determination. One such horse is Red Cadeaux, who has won over £4.5 million on his travels. We are all trying to find that horse and let’s hope we can find one out of the yard this year. They do tend to be ones that are undercooked in their early years and get hardened to the game, before improving as they get older. You can find them, but you do need that piece of luck. If there is anyone out there who would like to try, I am always ready and able.