It's Champions weekend ...

Will the snow fall over Newmarket?

Thursday, 29 January 2015

"Morality comes with the sad wisdom of age, when the sense of curiosity has withered."

Graham Greene.

Prayer Time (Ali)

We woke up to a very clear, bright day, which only meant one thing, a frost and minus 5. The wind has also got up and the chill factor was really biting through us at first and second lot. We have had no snow as yet this morning, but I think some is forecast as the systems blow across the country. Warren Hill polytrack has been the cantering ground used today, and there was quite a lot of activity by the heathmen, who were busy salting the walking grounds and rotavating the canters. They do a marvellous job.

Comrade Bond (Frankie)

It is interesting to see that both Catterick and Newcastle have signalled their intention to enter the bidding process for fixtures in 2016, for all-weather racing. Neither track has got planning permission yet, with Catterick set to lodge their application next month and Newcastle still in dispute with the BHA. Neither track is ideal, but there is a big requirement for an all-weather track in the north, which will save so much travel and expense for the northern trainers and owners. With the track at Southwell a fibresand, which is a very specialist surface, the boys in the north have to come all the way down to Chelmsford, Kempton, Lingfield and Wolverhampton to get some polytrack. Let’s hope it can all be resolved shortly. The one thing that will happen though when they do get one or tracks in the north, is that the National Hunt horse numbers will fall again, as so many horses will be kept to the flat, where there is not so much injury, or wear and tear.

The string crossing the road

There is a very good article by John Gosden on It is well worth reading as he has a lot of thoughts on American racing, compared to the rest of the world and the medication and surface problems we all have. John puts his thoughts over in a very good way and let’s hope the authorities worldwide take note. We have a fantastic industry, which could be even more exciting if we could just get it sorted out.