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Another filly makes three

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

"The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time."

Abraham Lincoln.

It's a murky morning out on the heath

It’s a damp, very murky morning and it’s not got much better as the day has progressed. What we need is a good wind to clear everything away. The one good thing is that it is not cold. I have had a good lot of riders in this morning, with Jimmy and Joe both helping out and we have done some good work on Long Hill polytrack. Everything has gone well and we will be having a runner or two from tomorrow onwards.

       01_Ex_Trew_Class     17_Ex_Astromagick_15
        Pastoral Pursuits ex Trew Class filly foal              Lawman ex Astromagick filly foal

Another foal popped out yesterday afternoon, in fact it didn’t actually pop out as it was a rather difficult birth, but with the expertise of our stud groom David and vet Rob Dallas, the bay filly by Kheleyf out of Tenpence, was delivered and all is well now. We are so lucky living in close proximity to Newmarket, as the vets are unbelievably experienced and if there is a major problem, they can be in the hospital in double quick time. This latest filly makes it three out of three and let’s hope for a few colts from now on. We have got a few days before the next ones are due and have another four possible this month.

Kheleyf ex Tenpence filly foal

There was a great article last week in the forgotten stories series, about the American black jockey, Jimmy Winkfield. He had an amazing life and there is another follow up article today in the Racing Post about him. What a life he must have led and what a great film his life story would make. I would hope one of the film makers will pick it up, as I am sure it would be well received by everybody, even people with very little interest in racing.