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We had a very productive morning

Monday, 02 March 2015

"Learn to smile at every situation. See it as an opportunity to prove your strength and ability."

Joe Brown.

Astrowolf (Harry Haynes) schooling

It’s a very cold morning with a harsh wind, but the forecaster tell us by next weekend it will be 15 degrees, which if that is true, will make for a proper spring day. We have had plenty of people in this morning, which always makes it a lot easier. We took several horses up to the Links, to either school or do some good cantering work at first lot. Second lot saw us do two canters with some of the more forward two-year-olds and Jimmy Quinn rode another different one. The plan from now on is to get him to sit on each one individually, as the feedback is always educational.

Topamichi (Joe Akehurst)

We had another foal on Sunday morning, my forecasting was right once again. Mystic Meg’s mare Astromancer, had a filly (our fifth of the year) at just before 2 o’clock in the morning. This meant the rest of Sunday was a blur to Angie and I, although I did go and watch Cushat Law be covered, along with her owners Max and Malcolm Franklin, by Garswood, a new stallion at Cheveley Park. He looked really good and did the job well, so let’s hope that in just under a year’s time we will be having a nice colt foal pop out. Astromancer’s filly is a very attractive bay, which was soon up and sucking. She is a most marvellous mother, very kind natured.

Filly foal by Kheleyf ex Astromancer

We had some visitors over from Hong Kong last week, as you can see from the picture below. Benjamin and Virginia, who have horses in training in Hong Kong, were given a conducted tour of the facilities in Newmarket and came back to see the foals on the stud. There was plenty of chat about racing and how here in England we have so many tracks going left and right, up and down and are spread about the whole country. In Hong Kong they have two tracks, Happy Valley and Sha Tin, which race twice a week and are always packed out with spectators. Angie and I have had a visit there in the past and really enjoyed it. It's a fantastically exciting place and it will be great to visit once again. Their prize money is a little bit better than ours! They do a fantastic lot for charity and the reason is - no bookies.

Benjamin, a Hong Kong racehorse owner