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Tuesday, 03 March 2015

"Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression."

Issac Bashevis Singer.

Cantering on Warren Hill polytrack

It started to rain as I went up to check the night watchmen at the stud this morning and it continued right the way through until the start of second lot. It is now brightening up and we are told sunshine is on the way. We had a mixed morning with the horses, with a couple going through the stalls and the rest of the string cantering at different points of the compass. We have such a choice here at Newmarket, that every day could be different if you so required. However, some horses like to have routine and worry if they don’t, so once again it is individual training to suit each horse.

Cantering on Warren Hill turf

We have had the dentist in this week once again. He did a lot of them a couple of months ago, but there have been a few stragglers that have needed doing. It is amazing how quickly small wolf teeth grow into big ones. These are the teeth which sit in front of the main normal teeth, just where the bit sits, and can be very tender and cause a horse to throw its head about if not removed. The three-year-olds are often pushing up new teeth at the back as well at this time, and the older ones, which we call caps, have got to come out because the horses cannot eat properly when they have still got them. These little things make a bit difference to how a horse feels, as it would do to a human and they are much happier when the dentist has finished.

Medicean ex Astrodonna feeling very well

All the newborn foals are thriving and we have some really cracking ones this time. I am sure the feeding regime and how we look after them helps and once again attention to detail pays off. I know the bloods of the foals have been very good so far, and none have needed a plasma infusion. This is all down to getting the right colostrum into the foal when it is born. There are two or three mares very near to foaling and with a couple of them over their time by nearly two weeks. Howevery, they will come when they are ready, but it would be very good to have a few colts.