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I'm off to a good start

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

"Sometimes age succeeds, sometimes it fails. It depends on you."

Ravensara Noite.

The string cantering

It’s a bright but quite frosty morning and I don’t think it is going to rain here until this evening. We have had a normal day, exercise wise, with most of the horses using the Mactrac on Warren Hill and walking back down the new walking ground on Side Hill. All the horses look magnificent, even if I say it myself, and let’s hope they continue in this vein. We will be having a few runners towards the end of the week and into next week and it is not long now until the turf season starts, with the Lincoln handicap at Doncaster.

Comrade Bond (Frankie)

There’s been a great start to the Festival with a bonanza for the Mullins team, even with the hard luck they had with the faller, Annie Power, when all over the winner. As I said yesterday, there are always great stories to tell and what a start we got off to. The one good point I took out of it was that for once, the jockeys were sensible at the start and the races got off without much of a hitch. It may be the rules are sinking in.

Our tipping competition got off to a good start and not wishing to crow, but I am in front. It is a long way to go though and one 20/1 winner, especially in today’s big fields, could change the picture altogether. The standings and today’s offerings are below.

Standing after first day

Richard minus £52.00

Phil minus £53.34

MHT plus £46.66


1.30  Windsor Park  2.05  The Young Master  2.40  Activial 3.20  Champagne Fever  4.00  Toutancarmont  4.40  Starchitect  5.15  Pylonthepressure


1.30  Nichols Canyon  2.05  The Young Master  2.40  Taglietelle  3.20  Dodging Bullets  4.00  Duke Of Lucca  4.40  Sebastian Beach  5.15  General Principle


1.30  Outlander  2.05  Kings Palace  2.40  Blackmail  3.20  Champagne Fever  4.00  Duke Of Lucca  4.40  Zarib  5.15  Moon Racer

Topamichi leading the way home

Although some of the horses cost fortunes, it showed yesterday the best horse was the least expensive, at one stage, as Faugheen only cost €4,000 as a foal and €12,000 as a three-year-old. You can buy these top class horses at the right price, if you have the patience, and this is what keeps everybody in the sport. It was marvellous to see the owner of Glens Melody had bred the mare as well. She hand fed it from a bucket when in the field as a foal and had great affection for her. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes and these stories make it much clearer to the public.