Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

Day three already

Thursday, 12 March 2015

"The kind man feeds his beast before sitting down to dinner."

Hebrew Proverb.

Prayer Time (Joe) coming up the steep climb of Long Hill

It’s another bright morning and again no wind, so it is very pleasant out on the heath where the horses have been doing their normal exercise on a variety of Bury Side canters. The grass is beginning to sprout on the heath and if we can just get two to three weeks of good warm weather, we will soon have a green sward across all the canters and gallops. This time of year there is everybody out with their horses, and hope springs eternal as we all step up into faster work.

Topamichi (Frankie)

It seems bad days don’t just come along once in a while, as I had another one yesterday. Whilst driving horsebox number two, moving a horse from Northamptonshire to Suffolk, I hit a pothole which gave me a puncture and dented the rim of the lorry. I managed to struggle home only to find we couldn’t get the tyre off as the nuts were too tightly on. We are getting ATS out this morning to put the spare on and we have already ordered a new rim. Photos of the pothole in question have been taken and the council will be getting the bill. To cap the day off, the garage where box number one went after my epic day on Sunday, phoned to say the engine was completely gone and I needed a new one, at a cost of £6,000. As I said at the time, you can’t make it up. I will have to have 30 winners to pay for it.

Hold Firm (Yaz)

I see the Channel 4 viewing figures were down the first two days of the Festival and you can see why, with the format and the presenters who have got very little character. Thank goodness for the Irish visitors, Brian in the betting ring and Ted Walsh, who give us some proper information and tell it as it is. I see in future when the contract comes up for renewal for the TV rights, they may sell the prime ones, ie The Festival, Royal Ascot, The Derby, Aintree etc to the highest individual bidder. This may be the best way to go forward rather than to have one who does the lot. Our sport is changing so quickly and is run by people who have no knowledge of horses that anything could happen.

Humphry Repton (Reece)

The challenge continues today, with me just in front, but as I said yesterday anything could happen and an outsider could turn the whole thing round very quickly. I hope you all are enjoying the racing and taking no notice of our tips and winning some money yourselves.

Standings after day two

Richard minus £57.00

Phil minus £68.34

MHT plus £31.66


1.30  Vautour  2.05  Edeymi  2.40  Taquin de Seuil  3.20  Zarkandar  4.00  Attaglance  4.40  Benbens


1.30  Vautour  2.05  Regal Encore  2.40  Ma Filleule  3.20  Zarkandar  4.00 Hollow Penny  4.40  Gold Bullet


1.30 Vautour  2.05  Unique de Cotte  2.40   Eduard  3.20  Whisper  4.00  Un Ace  4.40  Gold Bullet