In and out as quickly as possible ...

One runner tonight at Wolverhampton

Friday, 13 March 2015

"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude."

Cynthia Ozick.

Cantering on the Hamilton Hill

It’s a bright morning with no rain and very little breeze and the ground is drying out quite quickly. It is amazing how it does dry here at Newmarket, but we are on a chalk base so the water quickly drains through and the top soil dries out. We have been mainly on Side Hill this morning, both on the grass and on the polytrack. The racecourse side horses have been on the Hamilton Hill and Southfield Round and they are all progressing very nicely.

Band of Thunder

We have one runner tonight at Wolverhampton. Prayer Time carries a penalty in the 6.45, the mile and nearly 2f handicap. The handicapper put him up an amazing 20lbs for his win at Southwell, which I thought was completely crackers and very unfair on the horse and the owners. Southwell is the only fibresand track and how they can make a decision on that one run, I don’t know. I have had a word with the handicapper and hopefully, even if we win again tonight, commonsense may prevail. It would be ok if you were winning a £20,000 race, but when you are only winning two grand, it is not much encouragement to find yourself going up the handicap as much. He has come out of the race at Southwell well though and if he stays this longer trip cannot be far away.

Astrovalour (Sophie)

It was great to see AP win a top race at Cheltenham yesterday, when he won the Ryanair Chase. He will be very sadly missed as a jockey, but I am sure he will not be lost to our sport and will be a great ambassador for years to come. The tipping competition is into its final flings, with me still clinging on by my fingertips. After three days and 20 races, to be only £3 down to a level £10 on every race is not bad, but it can all change in an instance. I am sure some of Richard and Phil’s outsiders will give us a scare today. Good luck to everybody and let’s hope AP can win the Gold Cup, or the last race, to go out on a real high.

Standings after day three

Richard minus £92.00

Phil minus £103.34

MHT minus £3.34


1.30  Hargam  2.05  Quick Jack  2.40  Definitly Red  3.20  Road To Riches  4.00  Salsify  4.40  Shelford  5.15  Grumeti


1.30  Peach And Co  2.05  Baltimore Rock  2.40  Definitly Red  3.20  Road To Riches  4.00 Muirhead  4.40  Roi des Francs  5.15  Ted Veale


1.30  Belton  2.05  Modem  2.40  No More Heroes  3.20  Carlingford Lough  4.00  On The Fringe  4.40  Roi des Francs  5.15  Ned Buntline

Toparali (Yaz) in the indoor ride

We still have several mares in the foaling boxes and getting bigger by the day. A few are now overdue and let’s hope we can have a few more on the ground in the near future. We are also getting them covered thick and fast and two were covered yesterday, one by Delegator and the other by Epaulette.