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What will the budget do to help our industry?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

"May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down."

Sara June Parker.

A foggy first lot

It’s a foggy morning, which has hung around quite a while now. Hopefully it will lift as the day goes on. It was hard to see the horses as they cantered round Side Hill grass at first lot, but it had cleared a bit by the time they went on Long Hill grass at second lot. A few new riders have appeared, thank goodness, which always helps and we can get on and train the horses and get them fit for the upcoming turf season.

Legal Art (Joe) and Equiano ex Amanda Carter (Jimmy)

Our runner yesterday, Singing Hinnie, ran as well as could be expected. I think it was quite a good race for the type, as there were several who were well fancied and looked fit. We were a bit wary of the ground and she will have certainly learnt a lot from the outing. I think we will see a different filly when we run her again on better ground, possibly in the next few weeks.

Royal Applause ex Astromancer (Reece)

I am delighted to see that both political parties are agreeing on a ‘racing right’, with Labour coming out yesterday in support of the proposal. It would be nice to hear George Osborne mention it in the budget speech today and let’s hope he does, but it would take a while yet to come into law as I am sure there will be lots of counter arguments coming from the bookies. It has been one-way traffic for 50 years and it is about time the tide turned in our favour. A well funded industry would thrive.

Mr Turner (Joe)

It is interesting to read Donald McCain’s comments on why the northern trainers had very little success at Cheltenham this time and his comments are well worth reading. The tracks over the last few years have been putting on very poor racing, because it is much cheaper to do so. With the agreements they all sign, if you put on a higher rated race it costs more money, so for the tracks it is a no brainer. They just keep the media rights money for themselves and put on a lower rated race, which doesn't cost them very much. There is no incentive for a northern based owner to have a horse there if it is any good. I am pleased to see Donald putting this out there and let’s hope the race planners can sort it out.