It's Champions weekend ...

The cloud cover stopped us seeing the eclipse

Friday, 20 March 2015

"If trouble hearing angels’ song with thine ears, try listening with thy heart."

Terri Guillemets.

Smile That Smile (Joe)

It’s very overcast this morning, so it’s disappointing we have all missed the eclipse, which was going to be visible around 9.30 today. It only happens like this every 75 years, or so we are told, so I am afraid we won’t be seeing another one. There is no wind and it is not very cold, but still upsetting not to have seen it. A good morning horse wise, with Long Hill grass canter being the main exercise. It is in fantastic condition and the horses bounce off the turf. If only racecourses could be as good as this. When talking to the jump jockeys, they tell me this winter they have not raced on such bad ground for a long time and there is no grass cover on most of the racecourses. Too much racing and not enough ground staff is the reason why these courses are so bare. The grass is not given enough time to repair itself and with the weather not helping at times, it was a hopeless cause. It will be interesting to see what the flat only courses are like when we start on them in the not too distant future. I am told that Yarmouth has at last sown the grass seeds, but I am sure it will take a long time for it to grow and settle in. Don’t expect to be going racing at Yarmouth anytime soon.

Singing Hinnie (Brian) and Toparali (Yaz)

I see they have given another jockey a paltry six months suspension for taking cocaine. This sort of small ban will not deter anybody and I only wish our leaders had some grit. If you take drugs, you need a proper ban, three years minimum and it might deter the youngster from even thinking about it. I don’t know how widespread it is in the industry but I read that the Jockey Association don’t think it is. Let’s hope not, but we must do everything in our power to stop this abuse, full stop.

Sant'Elia (Yaz)

The Racehorse Owners Association has just elected their new President. Nicholas Cooper has succeeded Rachel Gosden in the role. I hope he will act in all owners’ interest, especially those who own middle to bottom range horses and keep the show on the road. The few at the top can look after themselves and have always done so, but it is the new owners coming into the industry and the ones who keep the game going year in year out who need the encouragement and the financial help. It is also great to see Alan Pickering become Vice President, as he has been a great supporter with Ed Vaughan and his horses have always done him proud. I hope the two can work in tandem and give the association some more kudos.

Equiano ex Amanda Carter (Jimmy)

I am hoping tonight’s full moon, or super moon as it’s called, (because it is the closest tonight it ever comes to earth) will encourage the mares we have in the foaling boxes to foal. We have been sitting up with these three or four for a while now and although they have big bags and are waxed up, they are taking their time having the foals. It may be we get two on the same night, let’s hope so. Come to think of it, Super Moon is a good name for a horse, although just looking the name up, it is not available. I will report back on Monday, hopefully with some photos.