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Strong winds across the Heath

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

"Walking through puddles is my favourite metaphor for life"

Terri Guillemets.

Darren_Mr_TDarren leading Mr.Turner

It's a very windy morning after a wet night. The forecast is for it to continue this way for the next few days. It's certainly hold-onto-your-cap weather out on the Heath and I have already seen two trainers making a dash to retrieve their headgear. On mornings like this it is best to get out and back quite quickly and we have been using Long Hill polytack for cantering this morning. It has just been relaid and is bedding in well.


We have an instance of strangles in Newmarket which is a very infectious disease and in the worst scenario can be fatal in horses. It has evidently come back with some horses from Dubai that have been racing at the Carnival. This is a very worrying development and one that we should be concerned about. With the expansion of international travel for all types of horse, whether it be racehorses, showjumpers. eventers etc., the possibility of a major outbreak is possible if all precautions are not taken. All authorities should be on their guard against such outbreaks, and the quarantine precautions, whether going in or out of countries, should be in place.

mht_heavenMark with Heavensfield

I see a new MBA has been created in racing at Liverpool University. The course can be completed in a year, fulltime , or two years for part time students. It's interesting to me that most interest has come from Latin America, Asia and the Middle East rather than Europe. I'm not sure what this course will give to our industry as the BHA's own graduate scheme and the Darley Flying Start are already well established.