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Wednesday, 01 April 2015

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Chinese Proverb.

Working across the flat

It’s a bright blue sky morning but there is no strength in the sun and with the wind blowing strongly, it is very cold on all the exposed extremities. We have had a busy morning so far, with some horses galloping across the flat turf gallop for the first time this year. We had both yards meet up at the Rubbing House and six of them came a mile across the flat. It was a mixture of older horses and young ones and I was delighted with how it all went. With second lot some of the two-year-olds got bunched up on the Mactrac and did two canters. It is all part of the education and we are not far off starting to have plenty of runners.

The six horses are Band Of Thunder, Peeps, Legal Art, Bracken Brae, 

Astromajor and Sant'Elia

It’s April 1st today and I have already palmed off a few tries at catching me out with April Fools, especially from my wife who thinks it her quest in life to get me. Her best one ever was when they found some rare silver coins on the stud, which I fell for, but nowadays I am much more wary. I must say though it looks a real April fool to me that the jockeys are allowed to be sponsored by the bookmakers. I think this is a joke, as if it is true, it is another step on the slippery slope. How you can have jockey’s sponsored and involved with bookmakers is completely beyond me. I thought it was the main aim of the BHA to clean the sport up, not encourage jockeys and bookmakers to talk. I always think it is wrong when I see adverts on the TV or in the press and internet with interviews with jockeys, and trainers for that matter, who are involved with the bookmaking chains. I don’t know why Great British racing and their marketing men can’t find a proper sponsor who wants to get involved with the industry, where it will benefit everybody, not just a few.

On the Mactrac with Sweeping Beauty, Sir Percy ex Four Miracles, Topalova

Careless Rapture, Heavensfield and Astrowolf

It is a shame for Joseph O’Brien that he is struggling with his weight and is having a job getting it sorted out, but at 21 he still has some time for it to stabilise. Let’s hope he can get the right advice, which I am sure he will be getting, and come to the right decision, whether he tries to ride on the flat or goes down the national hunt route. He is a brilliant jockey, very reminiscent of the young Lester Piggott and he would be big loss to the flat, but national hunt’s gain, if that is the way it all goes. It is a no brainer to have Ryan Moore, if that is the case, as he is undoubtedly the best jockey in the world at present and would be top of everybody’s list to retain.

After being caught for April Fools

I see a big article today with the Arc managing director, Tony Kelly, and the ongoing debate on Newcastle being tuned into an all-weather. I was interested to read Sir Mark Prescott’s comments on the future of racing in the Owner and Breeders magazine this month, when he predicted racing in the future would be mainly on all-weathers, with just the big festival meetings on turf. He said it looks to be going that way, but would be very boring. These all weathers tracks are cheap to run, hence going that way, but let’s hope it is a good few years yet before we go down that street.