Horse welfare is paramount ...

A mist of rain

Friday, 03 April 2015

"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life."



Smile That Smile, Sant'elia  and Toparali

It's a wet morning with a mist of rain around. The forecast is for it to get dryer and warmer as the holiday weekend goes on. We have used Warren Hill grass as the cantering ground today again and it is in great order. I had a few visitors to see their horses going through their paces and hopefully all went away happy. The horses are moving well and are nearly ready to run.


Topamichi and Prayer Time

Lambourn and Middleham are having their open days today. Let's hope they have plenty of support and the weather improves as it is always better when the sun's out. This day is perfect for Lambourne as the big jump races are nearly over and the yards are winding down. In many ways Good Friday is the best day to hold open days but Newmarket did not want to muddy the waters and September is the chosen time again.


Hold Firm leads Sweeping Beauty, Careless Rapture and the Sir Percy ex Four Miracles filly

I read a very good piece on German breeding recently. It explained or suggested why the German bred horses do so well and perform above their weight. The stallions have to fulfil certain criteria or they do not get on the list. Soundness, ability and running drug free are some of  the requirements. It is very sensible and gives breeders confidence in the stallions. This along with the blood lines of their broodmares mean they have a lot going for them. I always like to see some German blood in a pedigree. You never stop learning and moving forward in the breeding department. We may very well have another foal this weekend. Spring is really in the air now and we wish you all a very Happy Easter.