Sylvestre de Sousa is doing so well ...

A glorious Bank Holiday

Monday, 06 April 2015

"April has put a spirit of youth in everything."

William Shakespeare.


Going round Side Hill led by Topamichi

         santae       smile

                                     Sant'Elia                                                                  Smile That Smile            

It's a bright sunny Easter Monday. There are very few clouds in the sky and it looks as if it will be a glorious day. We have been round Side Hill polytrack and the Mactrac with the horses at Exeter Ride, and the ones at Franklin Lodge have been using the Hamilton Hill polytrack. They all seem in good form and we had a loose one at first lot, which always indicates their well-being. There was no harm done and in fact Philip Robinson, who rode my St Leger winner Bob's Return, was on hand to catch him and leg the pilot up.


Two year olds going up Warren Hill grass

I see Haydock had got it wrong again with the race distances on Saturday completely different than what was advertised. The clerk of the course is certainly not doing his job if he cannot keep everybody informed and the BHA must certainly take action. We have had a lot of these incidents recently, and it's mainly because there is too much racing on the turf. The courses are getting badly worn so the clerks and the groundsmen are moving the rails further out in search of better ground. I see the editor of the Racing Post is having a real go on this point and the BHA needs to get on top of this matter urgently.


Circling in the car park before working on the flat below on Saturday


Band of Thunder, Bracken Brae, Smile That Smile, Blue Bounty and Astrovalour

It looks as if the numbers of people attending both the open days at the weekend were down. It may have been because of the weather but I would think it could be what happened a few years ago at Newmarket. If you open every year the day loses the novelty and interest factor. In my mind it might be better if the three major centres took it in turn to open on a three year rotation. It's just an idea that maybe worth thinking about.


The Nathaniel ex Battery Power filly - a couple of minutes old

We had a lovely Nathaniel filly at the stud last night. She is out of Battery Power and mother and daughter are doing well.


Lambs at Moulton paddocks this morning