A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

One runner today at Chelmsford City

Thursday, 16 April 2015

"Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul."

W. Somerset Maugham.

Astromajor (Sophie), Mr Turner (Leon), Star Commander (Niall) 

and Swilken (Joe)

It’s another very sunny, warm morning with plenty of visitors, with it being Newmarket races. Peter Sakal called in to see his filly, Legal Art, at second lot and Harry Coldbeck and Marion called in to see Blue Bounty canter after breakfast.  I am sure they are all pleased with what they saw. The horses have all settled in really well at Frankland Lodge, but the main thing is the sunshine - it always does everybody so much good, horses and people. Everything has been cantering on the polytracks over racecourse side and although we didn’t do anything serious this morning, they all moved well and with zest.

Singing Hinnie (Frankie) and Humphry Repton (Reece)

We have one runner tonight at Chelmsford City. Topamichi runs in the 6.20. He is a course & distance winner and seems to like the track at Chelmsford. There is still a disappointing turn out across the card though, and for the prize money that is on offer you would have expected more runners. I think it must be the surface, which is certainly in need of refurbishment and the quicker the track sorts this out the better. It doesn’t seem to bother Topamichi though and although he has gone up the weights, he must still have a chance if things fall in place for him tonight.


The starting price system has hit the spotlight this week with the huge overround on the National which prompted one of the racecourse bookmakers to claim the starting price system was broken and open to manipulation by the big bookmakers. Now this sort of thing always baffles me and I can never quite get my head round what is happening, but I think with the new technology and most people now betting on their phones and computers and not on the racecourse proper, it reads to me like things have not changed with the times and it is very much in favour of the bigger bookmakers and the SP system is now flawed. The BHA are starting a probe into this and looking at the regulators. I suppose it is a bit similar to the banking system which went wild 10 years ago and nearly brought the country to its knees. Let’s hope we can quickly get things back on track. 

Peter Sakal and friends at second lot