In and out as quickly as possible ...

The mist gave way to the sun

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

"Your choices of action may be limited, but your choices of thought are not."


Blue Bounty (Reece) at first lot

It was misty first thing, but the sun quickly burnt that off and by second lot it was a glorious morning. It has taken the temperature a while to rise, but with no wind, it soon will be a very warm day. After all the rain we have had, you would think we would be pleased not to see anymore, but in fact it’s the opposite. We need a good downpour as soon as possible, both for the ground on the racetracks and to encourage growth of grass on the stud. After yesterday’s busy morning, it has been a one canter day with a good walk and trot before the exercise and then a pick of grass for 20 minutes afterwards.

Comrade Bond (Frankie) leading Smile That Smile (Sophie)

Hold Firm ran well once again yesterday to finish third. He is a really consistent colt and never runs a bad race. I am sure he will put up another one or two as the season progresses. There were a few more people at Kempton yesterday, but I think it was all down to a roofer’s convention which had been held in the morning and they all stayed for the afternoons racing. It is quite a good idea by the course and let’s hope a few of the people that were there enjoyed the day and will come back, even when not on business.

Royal Applause ex Astromancer (Yaz), Equiano Ex Amanda Carter (Reece)

 and Careless Rapture (Brian) at second Lot

We are getting on with the last three two-year-olds that have come in from the field. They were big backward types who I left on purpose to mature and we will get them broken and cantering and decide on the next plan. There is a very nice Authorized filly, half sister to Battery Power, Crystal Pearl and five other winners. She is a big, scopy filly who is a very good example and like all Missouri offspring, will be genuine with a great temperament. The second one is a Motivator filly out of Tenpence, making her a half sister to Barwick, Smile That Smile and two or three other winners. She is a well grown filly who could be anything. The third one is a Halling filly out of Optimistic, making her a full sister to Rayvin Black and several other winners. She is the last foal of Optimistic and is a most attractive filly. As I say these three will get broken and than see which way we go.

A robin sitting on eggs in the hay barn

The two mares on the stud are now well overdue and are just starting to show signs that their time is near. It will be great to get the foaling over for the year and the thought of being able to sleep all night is wonderful. We are getting on well with the coverings and most of them are now back in foal. There are always one or two little problems along the way, but it is now very scientific and they are given every chance of getting in foal on the first cover. We have had three this year who have conceived twins and the vet pinches one out at the earliest moment. In the old days without scanners etc, you would either have lost these in early pregnancy or had problems later on. It is a fascinating business and you never stop learning.