Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

A true legend that everybody wanted to see

Monday, 27 April 2015

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

Henry Ward Beecher.

Astrowolf (Brian)

It's much cooler today, with the temperature down considerably from last week. It's a sunny morning though and you just have to keep out of the shade and wind to keep warm. Two canters have been the exercise and everything has gone well so far. It looks like we will be having runners nearly everyday this week and it is great to get started with several of last years backward two-year-olds and get them out on the track. They have all settled in well at Franklands Lodge and I hope all the owners will be visiting soon to see what facilities we have got over that side of town.


Topamichi (Frankie)

The Tony McCoy retirement at Sandown on Saturday went absolutely brilliantly and you don't need Great British Racing and gimmicks when you have a proper person like AP. The crowd was enormous and they weren't let in free, they were just there to say thank you for all the enjoyment one person had given them over the years. I don't think we will ever see the like of this again for a jockey, as there is certainly not another like him riding today, at least with all the attributes he has got. He will be very greatly missed from the weighing room and hopefully he can find a position where he can use his experience in the future. I am sure he will not rush into anything and whatever he does, he will give it 200%.

Motherly love, Astrolibra and her Havana Gold filly foal

I can't believe neither mare foaled at the weekend and for once, I was wrong with my prediction. The two mares in question have hung on once again and certainly can't go much further into the week before foaling. It seems an age now from when we started to sit up overnight and it will be good for the night man to get back to a normal sleep pattern. We are steadily getting all the other mares tested in foal and look like we will have a good selection of foals once again in 2016.