A very well deserved winner of the Longines Ladies Award ...

The horses are moving well

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

"All know the way; few actually walk it."



Hold Firm and Swilken

It's a much cooler morning with a strong wind, and you had to stand in the leeward of the trees to try to keep warm at first and second lot. We've been using Hamilton Hill and the Rubbing House canter as our exercise today. All the horses look pictures and they are moving very well.


Astrovirtue, Peeps, and Comrade Bond

After the local elections we have several more industry figures on the Newmarket Town Council. Conrad Allen and Amy Starkey have both joined this year and John Berry has been elected the town mayor, taking over from Rachel Gosden. I hope he doesn't take to riding out in his shorts with his chain of office on, but  seriously I am sure he will make a very good mayor.


Astromajor and Astrowolf

We have almost finished covering the last mares. The foals are developing well and growing up fast, in fact the older ones are becoming very independent.  It's great to watch them playing with one another at this age and we can start to see who will go with who for the weaning stage. It is amazing how quickly the cycle comes round.