It's Champions weekend ...

Schooling this morning

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

"The wings of angels are often found on the backs of the least likely people."

Eric Honeycutt.


Mr Turner and Jack Carter walking home

It's a bright morning and we have been busy on Hamilton Hill with first and second lots. At third lot we took four horses up to the schooling ground on the Links, where we met Andrew Tinkler who is riding for us tonight. They were mostly flat horses that I'm just giving another interest to as they will continue their careers on the flat this summer but all have the potential to be hurdlers.       going_to_hurdles

 Up at the Links - and below Bracken Brae jumping the baby hurdles


We have one runner tonight at Huntington. Astrowolf runs in the 8.50, the two and a half mile maiden hurdle. I hope it's not too dark by then and they can see where they are going - at least there won't be any sun so they should jump all the hurdles. Astrowolf ran very well last time and I expect him to improve on that tonight. My only reservation is the ground which could be on the fast side for him.


Singing Hinnie

There's an article today about the stable staff shortage and as usual our rulers are waking up far too late. We used to have an influx of Irish staff which dried up when their industry became fully funded. Then the Indian and Parkistani lads started to arrive and have been a godsend to many yards. This area of the world is no longer a source of employees and we are going to have to rely on home-grown staff or ones who can get work permits from Europe. The problem is only going to get worse especially if Nick Rust's aim of having a thousand more horses is achieved. As often happens in our industry the wrong people have been asked instead of those with real knowledge of what is happening.